A Netflix Documentary and Tribute Concert Are in The Pipeline in Honour Of the Late Mowzey Radio


Every year on the 25th of January, Ugandans honour the birth of Mowzey Radio, despite his untimely passing due to a bar brawl in Entebbe on the 1st of February 2018.

Although Mowzey Radio is no more and resting at his eternal home in Kagga-Nakawuka in Wakiso District, his musical influence continues to resonate with fans worldwide.

In anticipation of the annual commemoration of his death, the Goodlyfe management has revealed their plans to organize a concert before this year ends.

The upcoming concert will feature Weasel Manizo, Radio’s remaining singing partner, other Goodlyfe crew members and fellow musicians at a date and venue that are yet to be disclosed.

Mowzey Radio, Concert, Netflix documentary

Furthermore, there are also preparations underway to produce a Netflix documentary that will showcase Mowzey Radio’s journey as a tribute to him.

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This documentary aims to portray Radio’s life on and off the camera before his demise, as a means to carry forward his legacy for future generations.


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