Alien Skin Cuts Short MUBS Performance, Cites Unpaid Balance And Subpar Sound Quality


Singer Alien Skin’s performance at MUBS University was abruptly cut short last night due to an unpaid balance and subpar sound quality.

According to reports, the event organizers at MUBS failed to settle Alien Skin’s outstanding payment. Upon arriving at the venue, the singer chose not to step on stage and instead performed amongst the audience.

This decision to perform among the ordinary people left the VIP attendees dissatisfied, as they had paid extra to witness the singer’s performance up close.

They demanded that Alien take the stage, to which he responded by stating that the money he had received was all that he could offer.

Alien Skin

In addition to the balance issue, the event’s sound system was of poor quality, leading Alien Skin to switch microphones multiple times during his performance.

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Feeling frustrated, Alien eventually traced the event exit, before being hurled with all sorts of insults from students and other attendees.


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