Alien Skin Explains Why He Ordered BBS TV's Jonathan Jaxta to Leave Fangone Forest | VIDEO


Alien Skin’s decision to instruct BBS TV journalist Jonathan Jaxta to leave his Fagone Forest Premises has been brought to light.

Yesterday, a video capturing the incident went viral on social media, showcasing Alien Skin’s firm demand for Jaxta and his camera person to depart Fangone immediately.

The singer justified his actions by pointing out that Jonathan Jaxta had consistently portrayed him in a negative light during his television broadcasts.

Despite Jaxta’s sincere declaration of admiration for Alien Skin and his assurance that his shows were always based on facts, the singer remained resolute in his stance, asserting that he had no interest in granting an interview and instructing him to find the Fangone Forest exit.

In a subsequent video, Alien Skin acknowledged his friendship with Jaxta’s workmate, Tash Hubby, but emphasized that Jonathan Jaxta had been targeting him for over a year, making it clear that he was unwilling to engage with such an individual.

Champion Gudo, Alien Skin

The incident has sparked a debate among fans and the public. Some argue that Alien Skin’s decision was justified, as he has the right to control who has access to his private property and who he engages with. They believe that Jaxta’s consistent negative portrayal of the singer warranted such action.

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On the other hand, critics argue that Alien Skin’s response was excessive and unnecessary. They believe that as a public figure, he should be open to criticism and should have used the opportunity to address any concerns or misconceptions that Jaxta may have had.


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