Alien Skin refunds promoter Vincent’s booking money after a bitter fallout

Today, Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin took the initiative to refund promoter Vincent’s booking money following their bitter fallout.

Last month, Vincent expressed his discontent with Alien and accused him of assault, and taking his belongings.

The pair’s fallout stemmed from Vincent’s background of verbally attacking Alien, something the self-proclaimed Kimenke learned of after being booked.

When Vincent stormed Fangone Forest to fetch the singer’s drop, he was subjected to assault, personal belongings stolen, and Alien Skin vowed neither to refund the booking money nor to perform at the booked event.

Alien Skin

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However, earlier today, Alien reimbursed Vincent’s money to clear his name, and the promoter counted his money amid tension to confirm its exact amount.


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