Alien Skin's Critic Jajja Bamu Nursing Injuries After Being Assaulted the Singer's Men


Alien Skin and his associates have been accused of brutally attacking their critic, leaving him severely injured.

Jajja Bamu, a former Alien Skin and Fangone Forest member had previously distanced himself from the group and joined rival Fik Gaza’s music camp.

Ever since leaving Fangone, Jajja Bamu has been openly criticizing Alien Skin’s character while praising Fik Gaza.

However, his situation took a turn for the worse yesterday when he encountered a group of men whom he believes are affiliated with Alien Skin’s Fangone Forest.

According to Bamu, while riding his motorcycle through Kisenyi-Kampala, he was unexpectedly ambushed and outnumbered by men on two motorcycles.

Alien Skin

They proceeded to assault him and attempted to steal his motorcycle. As a result, he suffered severe injuries, including bruised jaws and swollen eyes, rendering him unable to see.

Expressing his frustration, Bamu revealed that despite the years he had worked for Alien Skin and the secrets he had kept for him, he was repaid by having his men assault him.

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Bamu went on to state that he is not seeking revenge but instead entrusting Alien Skin’s fate to God, who will ensure justice is served for their actions.


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