Ann Taylor Refutes Claims Of Maama Fiina Having a Hand In Her Breakup With SB4


Media personality Ann Taylor has quashed allegations suggesting that Maama Fiina is responsible for the calling quits of her marriage with SB4 alias Rogers Ssebunya.

Ann Taylor recently disclosed the dissolution of her marriage with her husband SB4, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to her children and their well-being.

Critics were quick to point fingers at Maama Fiina, claiming that she played a role in the marriage’s demise and even bought SB4 a new car to solidify their relationship.

However, Ann Taylor took to her social media today to set the record straight, stating that Maama Fiina had no involvement in her decision to end the marriage with SB4.

Ann emphasized that the choice to leave her marriage was entirely her own and not influenced by anyone else.

Ann Taylor, Rogers Ssenubya (SB4)

Furthermore, the Sanyuka TV presenter expressed her utmost respect for Maama Fiina and urged her followers and fans to do the same.

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She clarified that Maama Fiina has always been a supportive friend and mentor to her, and any rumours suggesting otherwise are completely false.


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