Are Kataleya And Kandle On The Verge Of Splitting? Here Is What We Know


The news of the breakup between the singing sensations, Kataleya and Kandle, has caused quite a stir on social media.

According to gossip circulating in certain circles, the Theron Music duo allegedly had a disagreement over a man.

These rumours further suggested that their disagreement led to a bitter fallout, resulting in depression and the possibility of a split.

Reports have also emerged suggesting that their management is contemplating resignation due to unsatisfactory investment outcomes.

However, according to our reliable sources, the relationship between the singers and the management is at rock bottom.

Despite the development, Kataleya and Kandle share a robust and steadfast bond, with no intentions of parting ways as singing partners.

Kataleya and Kandle

Sources further reveal that the speculations surrounding their disagreement are thought to have emanated from individuals who oppose their achievements and are actively striving to neutralize them.

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Unverified reports indicate that the pair has been encountering numerous challenges during their journey, the details of which are yet to be determined.


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