Ava Peace’s Struggle with Andy Events: How Her Hard Earned Ugx 4M Went to Waste

During an interview with Spark TV, Ava Peace recounted the obstacles she faced while in the early stages of pursuing her music career.

She mentioned encountering Andy Events, who promised to help her achieve her dreams. Andy requested Ugx 4M to work with her, which Ava managed to gather and hand over to him.

However, when they tried to proceed to Nessim for a music project recording, they were denied entry at the gate.

Furthermore, the photographer refused to release the photo shoot images, claiming they had not been paid by Andy Events.

This experience led Ava Peace to give up on the money and seek alternative ways to succeed in the music industry.

Ava Peace

Despite the setbacks and disappointments she faced, Ava Peace remained determined to continue pursuing her passion for music.

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She decided to take matters into her own hands and began networking with other industry professionals and honing her craft and today her name sits on the list of renowned female musicians.


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