Beenie Gunter Grateful to Bobi Wine and Crysto Panda for Aiding His UAE Release, Tells Kenzo to Walk The Talk


Dancehall singer Beenie Gunter has recently expressed his gratitude towards Bobi Wine and Crysto Panda for their assistance in getting him out of detention in Abu Dhabi.

Gunter made it clear that he was not involved in any fight or altercation, but rather found himself in the middle of a conflict between two promoters based in Dubai.

Gunter emphasized the fact that he had been unjustly imprisoned for nearly a month, enduring a difficult and challenging time.

However, Gunter did not hesitate to express his disappointment in fellow artist Eddy Kenzo. Despite Kenzo’s claims of trying to help him, Gunter revealed that when he reached out to Kenzo for assistance, he received no support or aid.

Beenie Gunter,

Gunter acknowledged the loyalty and unwavering support of Bobi Wine and Crysto Panda, highlighting that they were the ones who stood by him during his darkest hours, providing the necessary help to secure his release.

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Beenie Gunter advised Kenzo to match his words with actions and not to take credit for someone else’s efforts, as the UNMF President did not contribute anything to his release.


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