Beenie Gunter Reportedly Facing Travel Restrictions That Prevent Him From Returning to Uganda


Ugandan singer Beenie Gunter is currently facing travel restrictions that prevent him from returning to Uganda until his case in the UAE is resolved.

It has been reported that his situation in Abu Dhabi has taken an unexpected turn, resulting in this restriction.

It is important to recall that Beenie Gunter was apprehended in Dubai while on his way to Uganda.

This occurred after a heated altercation occurred at a bar following his performance in Abu Dhabi. Consequently, he was transported to Abu Dhabi to address the charges that were lodged against him.

During his time in custody, there was an outpouring of concern from various individuals in the music industry, with some even raising funds to support his legal proceedings and secure his release.

Beenie Gunter; Lydia Jazmine; Roast and Rhyme Jahazi Pier Munyonyo

Eventually, Beenie Gunter was granted a bond. However, recent updates from Abu Dhabi indicate that travel restrictions have been imposed on him, compelling him to remain in Abu Dhabi until his case is resolved.

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Close sources reveal that investigations are still ongoing, but the duration of his stay in Abu Dhabi remains uncertain, which has implications for his regular business activities and music career.

Beenie Gunta UAE Update: According to Zack Maya Dubai, Beenie Gunta still cannot leave the UAE until court closes the case agst him a process that can take even 2yrs. More pipo are being hunted assoc with the case. Listen below, doesnt look gd #NBSAfter5 #Vibeug 🎥 @zackmaya3 pic.twitter.com/iJXKbJ2iSQ

— Douglas Lwanga (@DouglasLwangaUg) February 7, 2024


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