Bina Babie Reveals Motivation Behind Radio Career Despite PCB/M Background

Renowned media radio personality Bina Babie real name Robina Mbabazi Mulera, recently discussed her decision to pursue a career in radio despite studying PCB/Sub Math at A Level.

In an interview with Bukedde TV, Bina Babie revealed that after completing her A Level final exams, she did not achieve impressive points to pursue a medical program at the university.

However, she did manage to secure a few principal passes that would have allowed her to study her desired medical course through private sponsorship.

While studying at Nkumba University, Bina’s father fell ill, prompting her to seek employment as a radio presenter at UBC and Radio Uganda.

She was offered the job and has since seen her career flourish. Bina has worked with various prominent news outlets in the country, including Dembe FM, and is currently employed at Radio 4.

Bina Babie

Despite not pursuing a career in medicine as originally planned, Bina has found success and fulfilment in the world of radio broadcasting. She has become a household name in Uganda, known for her engaging personality and insightful commentary on a variety of topics.

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Bina’s decision to follow her passion for radio has led to a successful and rewarding career, proving that sometimes the path to success may not always be what we initially expected.


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