Biswanka Brags About Sleeping With His Former Manager VJ Moon’s Wife


Upcoming singer Biswanka Derick proudly claimed yesterday that he had an affair with the wife of his former manager, VJ Moon.

Yesterday, Moon Avenue management released a statement announcing the termination of Bisswanka’s contract due to his lack of discipline.

VJ Moon disclosed that during his time managing Biswanka, the singer displayed disrespect towards both the management and fans, and expressed disappointment over the affair with his wife.

In response to Moon’s accusations, Bisswanka claimed that he felt disrespected and belittled by Moon’s constant criticism and decided to seek revenge by engaging in an affair with his wife.


He defended his actions by saying that he was simply standing up for himself and asserting his own masculinity.

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Despite the controversy, Biswanka remained unapologetic and defiant, refusing to show any remorse for his actions. He continued to defend his affair with VJ Moon’s wife, claiming that he was justified in seeking revenge for the disrespect he had endured.


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