Biswanka Rejects Martha Mukisa’s Collaboration, Emphasizing Preference for Established Artists

Singer Biswanka, also known as Derrick Biswanka, declined the offer to collaborate with fellow singer Martha Mukisa.

During their appearance on Radio 4, Biswanka was asked if he would be interested in collaborating with Martha Mukisa.

In his response, Biswanka stated that he had no particular reason to collaborate with Martha Mukisa.

He elaborated on his preference to collaborate with artists who have achieved significant success in the industry, whereas Martha Mukisa does not fall into that category.

The “rest of life singer” mentioned that Martha Mukisa belongs to an older generation, and her music is not targeted towards his audience.


He emphasized that his generation, including artists like Tom Dee, and Fic Gaza, among others, are the ones currently ruling the industry.

He emphasized his intention to leave the music industry soon, stating that he would already have achieved legendary status.

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Martha Mukisa, in contrast, acknowledged he’s decision but urged him to showcase his accomplishments within a year.


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