Bloodshed As Alien Skin And Fik Gaza's Camps Were Mired in a Violent Physical Fight | VIDEO


Regrettably, recent reports on our news desk indicate that there was a violent physical altercation between the rival music groups led by Alien Skin and Fik Gaza, known as Fangone Forest and Gaza respectively.

Ever since Alien Skin and Fik Gaza parted ways before the latter established his own music camp, tensions have been high between the two groups as whenever they are interviewed, they have nothing but harsh words for each other.

In the most recent development, when Alien Skin and Fik Gaza rival groups coincidentally crossed paths at veteran producer and singer Sweet Kid’s music studio in Makindye, a violent fight ensued.

Fik Gaza confirmed the incident and explained that he reacted after one of his team members was struck on the head with a bottle. The confrontation took place in the wee hours of Sunday, at 3:30 AM, as both camps vied for superiority.

As a result of the altercation, numerous individuals from both camps sustained injuries and were promptly taken to nearby medical facilities for treatment.

Alien Skin

Fik Gaza emphasized that this is not the first time they have been attacked by Alien Skin’s associates, as they have a history of such confrontations.

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Furthermore, Fik Gaza mentioned that his entourage consisted of only eight individuals, whereas Alien Skin’s group had a significantly larger number of members. During the fight, several residents joined forces with Fik Gaza’s camp to confront and overcome Alien Skin’s gang.


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