Bobi Wine Ready to Help Salvado Quit Alcohol After 12 Years of Being Alcohol Free


Singer and politician Bobi Wine has disclosed that he has been living an alcohol-free lifestyle for 12 years now.

Despite his past involvement with various substances such as alcohol and weed, Bobi, real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, made a conscious decision to break free from these vices and embark on a new path.

The revelation came about when Bobi responded to comedian Patrick Salvado, who is currently on his ninth day of pursuing the same objective.

Bobi encouraged Salvado to reach out to him, as he possesses all the necessary information and guidance to achieve this goal.

Bobi Wine Awarded With Audience Choice Award at the Cinema Eye Honors 2024 in New York

By sharing his story, Bobi Wine hopes to inspire and empower individuals who may be struggling with addiction or seeking to make positive changes in their lives as he understands the challenges and obstacles that come with breaking free from substance abuse.

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Bobi Wine’s journey serves as a reminder that personal growth and transformation are possible for anyone, regardless of their past mistakes or struggles.


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