Branic Benzie refutes rumors of sleeping with David Lutalo’s wife Sharon

Singer and songwriter Branic Benzie has firmly denied the allegations of ever having an affair with Sharon Walukagga, the former wife of David Lutalo.

Branic addressed these rumors publicly, stating that over five years ago, he fell out with his mentor, David Lutalo, due to these false accusations.

According to Branic, the misunderstanding arose when he wrote a song for Lutalo’s wife, which led to speculations about their romantic relationship.

He clarified that Lutalo never wanted his wife Sharon to pursue a music career, hence releasing her first project rubbed him the wrong way.

Branic made it clear that he did not apologize to Lutalo because he believed that by engaging in the rumors, he would gain public attention. However, this strategy backfired, intensifying the controversy instead of resolving it.

David Lutalo

Furthermore, Branic revealed that he is now a married man and encouraged young people to consider marriage to avoid getting entangled in dramatic situations.

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It is important to note that David Lutalo and Sharon have since separated, and they currently co-parent their children together.

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