Bruno K and Dorah Welcome a Bouncing Baby Girl Beiri Kigguddu


Singer Bruno K born Bruno Kiggundu’s ex-lover Dorah has welcomed a healthy baby girl, marking a new chapter in her life following a tumultuous past.

Last year in September, Dorah courageously came forward and publicly revealed that Bruno K had impregnated her and then callously abandoned her.

The news shocked many, as Dorah had been a pillar of support for the singer, taking care of his daily needs such as rent, clothing, and food. Despite her unwavering dedication, Bruno K never showed any appreciation and ultimately left her to face the challenges of pregnancy alone.

Undeterred by the heartbreak, Dorah made the brave decision to keep the pregnancy and expressed her readiness to take on the responsibilities of motherhood.

On February 6, 2024, Dorah’s unwavering determination paid off as she successfully delivered a healthy baby girl.

Bruno K, Dorah

Filled with love and joy, Dorah named her precious daughter Beiri Kigguddu, a name that holds deep meaning for her.

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As of now, Dorah remains at the hospital, surrounded by the support of her loved ones. However, it is uncertain whether Bruno has visited her to inquire about her and the baby’s well-being.

Dorah’s baby is the singer’s third child, as he has previously sired children from his unsuccessful romantic relationships.


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