Bukedde TV Host Phoebe Kukiriza and Fiance Hold a Colourful “Kukyala” Ceremony


Renowned media personality Rebecca Kukiriza, also known as Phoebe holds a colourful customary “Kukyala” ceremony with her fiance.

Last December, Phoebe took to social media to announce her relationship with her fiance, which was met with great excitement from her fans and supporters.

On Saturday 20 January 2024, Phoebe and her fiance took a significant step towards their marriage by organizing a beautiful traditional “Kukyala” ceremony.

This ceremony, a customary practice in the Buganda kingdom, involves the husband-to-be meeting the parents of his future wife to establish a formal relationship.

Phoebe Kukkiriza

Phoebe’s Kukyala ceremony was a joyous occasion, attended by her fellow TkTokers, colleagues, and many others.

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The celebration featured a variety of traditional Buganda dishes as guests indulged in mouthwatering delicacies such as matooke (steamed green bananas), luwombo (meat stew) among others.


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