Canary Mugume responds to breakup rumors, silences Kasuku on marriage and son

Canary Mugume has addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding his marriage with Sasha Ferguson.

Various media figures, including Kasuku, have shared their thoughts on the alleged separation.

In a recent YouTube video, Kasuku made a statement that did not sit well with Canary.

Canary Mugume took to his X platform to request that Kasuku refrains from spreading baseless rumors about his personal life, specifically his marriage and son.

Canary Mugume, Sasha Ferguson, Cairo Mugume

He emphasized the importance of focusing on one’s own life rather than sensationalizing others’ for views and likes.

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Hey @Kasuku256, leave my marriage & son out of your sensationalist vlogs that you do for likes and views! Do it for your own life, not mine.


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