Carol Nantongo Reveals She No longer Maintains Close Relationships With Female Friends Due To Past Betrayals


Singer Carol Nantongo recently discussed her experiences with female friendships. During an interview with Ruth Kalibbala, she disclosed that she had female best friends in the past, but her betrayal changed her perspective.

Carol Nantongo shared that she no longer maintains close relationships with female friends due to past betrayals.

She expressed a preference for male friends, believing that they offer better understanding and discretion when it comes to keeping secrets.

According to Carol, female friends have a tendency to share confidential information with others, leading to a breakdown of trust.

She also mentioned that women often prefer commiserating in difficult situations rather than encouraging progress.

Lydia Jazmine, Carol Nantongo

Carol emphasized the importance of loyalty and discretion in friendships, and how she values these qualities in her relationships with male friends.

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She believes that men are more straightforward and less likely to engage in gossip or backstabbing behaviour.


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