Carol Sky Accuses Mudra of Swindling Her Ugx 30M

Singer Mudra D Viral and his former signee Carol Sky have had a bitter falling out due to allegations of swindling.

Mudra and Carol Sky began working together after the latter had a fallout with DJ LL, who had taken off with promotional funds totaling Ugx 2M.

When Carol started working with Mudra, he provided a budget that would cover all the expenses for their first music project.

However, Carol noticed that after they released their song, Mudra did not fulfill their agreement as he failed to promote the song, despite receiving the money for it.

Carol Sky, Mudra

To make matters worse, Mudra wrote another song for Carol, but she was not impressed with the lyrics.

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Consequently, she hired another songwriter who delivered exceptionally well. Despite this, Carol did not acknowledge Mudra’s contribution to the song, which led to the Muyayu singer sending her threatening messages.


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