Caroline Marcah recounts nearly arresting Flavia Mawagi over insulting her live on TV

Media personality Caroline Marcah has revealed that she nearly arrested singer and TV presenter Flavia Mawagi.

According to Caroline Marcah, a few years back she quit hosting a TV show at Spark TV she had scripted before it was taken over by Flavia Mawagi.

To her disappointment, Flavia embarked on attacking her and MC Kats during the show, to seemingly gain viewership and following.

This saw Marcah displeased and sought legal recourse which attracted the attention of various organizations she had worked for like Uganet and the World AIDS Commission among others.

MC Kats, Caroline Marcah

Fortunately, Flavia Mawagi’s boyfriend intervened, reached out to Marcah, and urged her to drop the case and forgive and forget.

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Caroline Marcah maintained that despite dropping the case, she has never received an apology from Mawagi ever since and their friendship remains strained to the present day.

i wont for give that girl @MarcahCaroline still not happy with former eemployee of @sparktvuganda @FlaviaMawagi over @mckatsug pic.twitter.com/ZBO4mXf7v8

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