Catherine Kusasira Chocking on Ugx 39M Hospital Bill Following a Successful Heart Surgery


Renowned singer and presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira recently underwent a life-saving heart surgery to address her severe breathing issues.

The surgery was a success, as it aimed to reduce the excessive fats around her heart that were causing the problem.

However, amidst the relief of a successful procedure, Catherine now finds herself burdened with a substantial hospital bill of $10,000.

According to a close friend of the singer, Catherine is unable to be discharged from the hospital until the bill is fully settled.

This unexpected financial burden has put her in a difficult situation, as she is unable to leave the hospital and resume her normal life until the necessary funds are raised.

Catherine Kusasira

In light of this predicament, a plea has been made to Catherine’s fans and supporters to come forward and assist in raising the required funds for her release from the hospital.

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The hope is that her loyal fanbase, who have been touched by her music and inspired by her talent, will rally together to help alleviate the financial strain she is currently facing.


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