Catherine Kusasira hints at her wedding with fiance Fred Sseruga

Former Eagles Production singer Catherine Kusasira has hinted at her eagerly anticipated wedding plans with her longtime partner, Fred Sseruga.

The couple, who have been blessed with children, celebrated their introduction ceremony in 2018 at Kusasira’s parents’ residence, where they were joined by numerous notable personalities who graced the occasion.

Now, after six years of building a strong foundation for their relationship, they are joyfully preparing to exchange their vows in the year 2024.

While Kusasira has not revealed the exact date of their wedding, she has confirmed that the momentous event will take place in January 2024.

This news has sparked excitement and anticipation among their friends, family, and fans, who eagerly await the celebration of their love and commitment.

Catherine Kusasira, Fred Sseruga

Over the years, Kusasira and Sseruga have stood by each other through thick and thin, nurturing their relationship and building a solid bond.

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As the wedding draws near, preparations are in full swing to ensure that this special day is nothing short of extraordinary.


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