Catherine Kusasira Undergoes a Successful Heart Surgery


Singer Catherine Kusasira has recently faced a health scare that required her to undergo life-saving heart surgery.

Reports suggest that she had been struggling with breathing difficulties, which were attributed to the accumulation of excessive fat around her heart.

Recognizing the severity of her condition, Catherine was swiftly flown abroad a few days ago to receive the necessary medical attention.

The decision to seek treatment abroad was likely made to ensure that she had access to the best possible healthcare facilities and expertise.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success, and Catherine Kusasira’s condition has significantly improved. The procedure aimed to reduce the fat around her heart, which was causing the breathing difficulties.

Catherine Kusasira

With the successful removal of the excess fat, Catherine can now breathe normally again, seemingly relieving her from the distressing symptoms she had been experiencing.

Updates from Catherine’s official Facebook account have provided reassurance to her fans and well-wishers, confirming that she has successfully undergone the surgery.

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Although she is currently in the recovery phase, her post-surgery progress is promising. However, it is important to note that she is still weak due to the recent medical intervention.


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