Chosen Becky reportedly wages a verbal war on Aroma over messaging her man Dictator Amir

During a recent media interview, Aroma expressed her disappointment towards her colleague, Chosen Becky.

Aroma disclosed that she collaborated with Becky on a song dubbed “New Comer” and agreed on certain terms, only for Chosen Becky to upload the song on her personal YouTube channel against their agreement.

Subsequently, Aroma messaged Becky on WhatsApp to inquire about the situation, but Becky read the message without responding.

Following this, Aroma decided to speak with Becky’s partner Dictator Amir, who also serves as her manager, regarding the matter, and action that greatly angered the “Bankuza” singer.

Chosen Becky, Aroma

In response, the enraged Chosen Becky sent Aroma a voice note warning her to stay away from her partner before blocking her, leading to their bitter fallout.

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Aroma mentioned feeling confused by the situation and ultimately decided to abandon the collaboration, despite having invested a significant amount of money into the project.


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