Chosen Becky Uses Lover Dictator Amir As Vixen in New Song “Wumula” | VIDEO


Singer Chosen Becky real name Rebecca Kukiriza has released a new song dubbed “Wumula,” featuring her fiance Dictator Amir in the music video.

Over the years, Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir’s relationship has been truly remarkable

Their love and commitment to each other are displayed in Becky’s latest release, where she expresses her affection for him.

Dictator Amir, who also serves as Becky’s music manager, makes an appearance in the video, where she assures him of her unwavering dedication and gratitude.

Chosen Becky

The video showcases vibrant moments from Dictator Amir’s recent surprise birthday party, creating a visually stunning experience.

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“Wumula” marks Becky’s first song of 2024 and has already gained significant airplay and viewership across various music streaming platforms.

Have a gaze at the video below;


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