Coco Finger and other musicians rush producer Didi to the hospital

Renowned veteran producer Didi real name Abdul Karim Muchwa was urgently admitted to the hospital this week due to his ongoing struggle with a specific illness.

According to Didi, he has been fighting this sickness since last year and was advised to take ample rest.

However, a few days ago, he experienced a recurrence of the same ailment and was promptly taken to the hospital by singer Coco Finger and other individuals.

During a visit to Didi, producer Washington disclosed that the fellow producer could be grappling with mental stress, a common issue among producers, and he is confident that Didi will manage to overcome it.

Producer Didi

Didi, while at the hospital, expressed the need for his medical expenses to be covered, as he is currently facing financial instability.

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He thanked well-wishers who reached out and rushed him to the hospital to get the required medical attention.


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