Comedienne Akite Agnes Shares Her Struggles With Head Injuries and Liver Complications


Akite Agnes, a well-known comedienne, has recently opened up about her difficult journey battling multiple health complications that left her confined to her bed for several months.

In a social media post, Akite Agnes disclosed that she was unexpectedly attacked and assaulted by thugs while returning home last year.

Unfortunately, Akite Agnes’s struggle with these complications led to the development of various other ailments, including liver issues and heightened sensitivity to sound.

Despite the immense challenges she faced, Akite Agnes expressed her gratitude for being on the path to recovery and acknowledged the support she received from a few individuals during this arduous testing period.

Akite Agness

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Below is Akite Agnes’s detailed reveration.

Today I’m here to testify God’s Mercy and Goodness.
As most of you know, on 10th November last year I was attacked by thugs at my gate. I sustained two cracks on my skull and there was also some bleeding into the brain as shown by the CT scan. I was constantly dizzy and needed support while walking. My left inner ear had fluid that dripped into it from the brain, so it became very sensitive to noise…even the sound of water pouring from the tap was too loud for me. I also had that constant noise inside my ear as if mating season for crickets…that noise is still there
We consulted a neurologist and thank God surgery wasn’t needed. He prescribed five different drugs to be taken for a month. I was also advised to stay away from noise, alcohol and stress….that’s why you didn’t see any artwork on my page from November. I was home full-time.
I started on the medication and for a while things were getting better, the dizziness reduced. I could walk on my own but I had to walk slowly. After two weeks, we went for another CT scan and it showed that the amount of blood that had entered the brain was reducing. After another two weeks, we went back and it showed the cracks had started closing. Things were moving well, I even went on set and shot some episodes of Mizigo Express.
Trouble started early December when one of the wounds got an infection… I was put on strong antibiotics (tablets) for 7days but still there wasn’t any improvement, I still had high temperatures reaching almost 39 degrees. The doctor switched to antibiotics for injecting through a canular for 5 days….still no change. Then the doctor suggested we do typhoid and malaria test….malaria came out +++. Treating malaria also become another hustle, I was put on drip, injections plus tablets. Kyoka from childhood, I hate tablets like nothing…just looking at medicine, I vomit immediately
A few days after completing the malaria treatment, I got dios from nowhere. My stool became very watery…my urine was dark orange and my eyes were yellow. Around the same time, we had another appointment with the neurologist…he did some physical checkups on me, checked my eyes and the yellow color was actually jaundice. He advised us to do a LFT (Liver Function Test). Results came out nga my liver is doing badly! I had liver issues…one of the drugs for the brain had damaged my liver as a side effect. Now we had to focus on treating it.In a short period of time, I had faced 3 challenges already.
I was immediately put on medication for the liver (Livolin) and all the other medications withdrawn even if I wasn’t fine yet. You guys, the side effects of that medication were terrible….Neausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, itching etc. I was always thirsty!
My skin started shedding and peeling off like a snake from head to toes. I would leave a trail of dead skin every where I walked. it was so itchy that I couldn’t sleep… I spent most nights scratching myself. I lost weight because I had no appetite and I would vomit everything I ate. I became so weak that I could not do anything on my own…walking, bathing. My feet were always swollen. I became blacker than Okello okello. I also developed hyper salivation(excessive saliva) as a result of liver damage. I’m here still spitting, I sit with my ka bucket everywhere I go in the house
My head was not yet ok, but the doctor stopped me from taking other tablets so that we don’t stress the liver…the dizziness came back pro max, combined with the dizziness for not eating
My health really deterioratd in December, I saw death! As you guys were enjoying good food on Christmas, I was busy feeding on liver medication. At some point I actually gave up. I had made peace with dying. Time reached nga I was badly off…every night I slept, I wasn’t sure I would wake up. I just told God, “May your Will be done”
We kept going back to the hospital for other liver tests, and each time the results kept improving…my liver started regenerating. The last test done end of January showed only one value was low, the S-Albumin (Proteins)…. So I’m here eating anything that has proteins. If you tell me grass has proteins, I’ll eat it. Hopefully, it will be normal when I go for the next check up.
God saved me you people…indeed his Mercies are new every morning. Actually his Will was done, He gave me a second chance to life. I survived death three times. On the day I was attacked I really survived, because I lost a lot of blood and blacked out. I survived death when I got wound infection, then Malaria, then Liver damage…. or is that four times? If it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t not be here today….I will forever testify of his Goodness. He still has a purpose for me
I want to encourage you guys to pray and never give up no matter how hard the situation you are going through is. God listens and at the right time, he will answer your prayers. Pray banange, the devil is not sleeping!
I want to thank all those who stood by me during my tough times. Thankful to my family for all the prayers and financial help and the visits that lightened my moods. I’m blessed to have you as my family
Moses Lajum, you took good care of me for 3 months and you are still here, I don’t know how I will ever reward you. I pray God blesses you abundantly. Sometimes you were tough with me whenever I refused to eat, but I know it’s because you wanted me to get better. Thank you for not giving up on me.
And thank you to Fun Factory Uganda , you guys never abandoned me. I’m very grateful
My children were very helpful too….Brianna told me to get well quickly because she misses me shouting at her
I’m not yet 100% ok, but I’m much much better…I’m stronger and can now do a few things by myself. My appetite is back, my feet nolonger swell, the itching has reduced. But I’m still constantly spitting, so if you meet me please don’t cut word that I’m pregnant….I know you people. Ok Bye


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