Content creator Angella Summer Namubiru’s mother Nampiima Noelina dies at 65

Renowned content creator Angella Summer Namubiru is devastated by the untimely death of her mother Ms. Nampiima Noelina.

In a social media post, Angella Summer Namubiru revealed that her mother had been fighting for her life in the intensive care unit for 25 days.

This was after the mother experienced a brain blood clot and doctors have been trying their best unfortunately she couldn’t survive.

Ms. Nampiima Noelina’s vigil will be held today at Mr. Ssenkubuge’s home in Maya along Masaka Road, Nanzinga Road Butakesu Village.

Angella Summer Namubiru

On Wednesday 22nd May 2024, a funeral mass will be held at Butakesu off Maya-Masaka Road Nanziga, before her burial at 4:00 PM.

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Hello social media family! I come with a heavy heart! Unfortunately not to put smiles on your faces neither not intending to make you feel sad! But share a reality of life we all are going to go through! I have not been active lately as I was living in a hospital with my brother taking care of my beloved mother who was in coma for the last 25 days. She battled for her life until her last breath from a blood clot in the brain. The doctors tried their best but God had plans for her already! May her soul Rest In Peace!
For those in Uganda burial is tomorrow Wednesday 4:00pm at Butakesu off maya masaka road Nanziga!
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