Coopy Bly Shares Distressing Incident Involving The Demolition Of His Parents’ Home And Father’s Arrest


Gospel singer Coopy Bly has shared a distressing incident involving the demolition of his parents’ home. The renowned singer expressed his deep sorrow and anguish as court bailiffs forcefully destroyed the house where his parents had resided for many decades.

Coopy Bly recounted the events that took place a week ago, when a group of thugs, accompanied by the police, arrived at his parents’ residence in Rubaga during the early hours of the morning. They unlawfully evicted his parents from the home they had built, and where the singer and his siblings had lived for over 20 years.

During the chaotic eviction, a significant amount of their belongings were thrown out and their furniture was destroyed. In the midst of the turmoil, his father was taken aside by the court bailiffs, who claimed they needed to discuss something with him. However, they instead forced him into a private car and drove him to court.

Once at the court, their lawyer repeatedly drew attention to a standing court order related to the case. However, to the shock of his father and the legal team, the presiding registrar claimed that their case file had mysteriously disappeared from the court system. Within minutes, his father was sent to jail until the missing file could be located.

Several hours later, the files were miraculously found within the court system, yet his father remained unjustly imprisoned. Within a span of two days, their family home was completely demolished, while his father remained in jail, unaware of the situation.

Coopy Bly

Only after paying a sum of Ugx 20M in cash, was his father released from jail, only to return to a demolished house. Since then, he has been in and out of court, attempting to comprehend the events that unfolded and seeking justice.

Coopy Bly revealed that his father had sacrificed ten years of their childhood, working abroad in the UK, to build that house and provide his children with a better life outside of the Katwe slums.

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The singer expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming love, concern, and support shown to his family, particularly considering his absence during this difficult time. He humbly requested continued prayers for justice to prevail throughout this nightmarish ordeal and for the ongoing court issues to be resolved.


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