Daddy Andre Brags About Having the Capacity to Hold a Concert With Ugx 10M Entrance Fee


Singer and music producer Daddy Andre asserts his ability to organize a concert with an entrance fee of Ugx 10M.

Andre envisions hosting this event at the prestigious Kampala Serena Hotel, limiting the audience to just 100 individuals, each willing to pay the hefty fee.

Andre emphasizes his infrequent appearances at local shows, attributing it to his self-awareness of his own value.

He believes that encountering him, whether by chance at a supermarket or sauna, is a stroke of luck for anyone.

Daddy Andre

Furthermore, as a producer and singer, he confidently states that he does not succumb to public pressure to release music haphazardly.

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He claims to possess all the necessary resources and potential sponsors, yet he chooses to take breaks, conduct research, and maintain a strong sense of self.


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