Dagy Nyce Opens Up On How His Mother Pastor Sarah Morgan Dumped Him and His Siblings


Media personality and events MC Dagy Nyce real name Ngobi Isubukalu Douglas has recently shared insights into his relationship with his mother, Pastor Sarah Morgan.

During an interview, Dagy Nyce revealed that his mother Pastor Morgan relocated to the United States of America around 1989, following a tumultuous domestic violence incident that led to the end of her marriage with their father.

He adds that after finding peace and solace, his mother severed ties with everyone in the family, including her own children.

This meant that throughout his upbringing, Dagy Nyce never had the opportunity to interact with his mother and establish a connection.

Dagy Nyce; Dagy Nyce Mother; Pastor Sarah Morgan

However, in 2015, Dagy took the initiative to confront his mother when she attended a conference at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church in Uganda.

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He acknowledges that it was a challenging task to meet his mother, considering her high-profile status as a main preacher. She was heavily protected, making it difficult to gain access to her.

Dagy emphasized that he successfully overcame the entire situation and fully accepted the reality that his mother is not interested in her kids


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