Dagy Nyce Recounts How Isaac Kaiyz Almost Led to The Dissolution of His Marriage With Wife Heather


Renowned media personality and events MC Dagy Nyce disclosed the near-destruction of his marriage caused by former Next media employee, Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz.

According to Dagy Nyce, Kaiyz aired a story on the Uncut show, in which he exposed the MC’s involvement with Rabahah Nanteza, a former partner of local comedian Madrat.

Dagy Nyce revealed that Kaiyz relentlessly ran this story for over a week, solely aiming to create a buzz. Little did he realize that his actions were jeopardizing Dagy’s marriage to his Zungu wife, with whom he shares a child Emma Gin Suubi.

The consequences of this story were severe, as Dagy’s wife consumed by anger and suspicion, confronted him and severed all ties, before even preventing him from seeing their baby and initiated divorce proceedings.

Dagy Nyce

In an attempt to rectify the situation, Dagy reached out to Kaiyz and made him aware of the detrimental impact his actions had on his family.

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Despite the story eventually fading away, Dagy noted that the damage inflicted was immeasurable.


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