Dagy Nyce Seals Girlfriend Reveal Moment With a Passionate Kiss | VIDEO


The unexpected announcement made by Dagy Nyce at his concert at Nexus Lounge in Najeera left the audience in awe. As a renowned media personality and events MC, Dagy was no stranger to the spotlight, but this revelation about his girlfriend, Ritah, took everyone by surprise.

Amidst the electrifying performances from musicians like Ava Peace, Pia Pounds, Azawi, Winnie Nwagi, Pastor Wilson Bugembe and Karole Kasita, Dagy paused to express his deep love and appreciation for Ritah.

The attendees, already captivated by the incredible music, turned their attention to Dagy Nyce as he poured his heart out.

Dagy thanked Ritah for her unwavering support throughout their romantic journey, acknowledging the unique challenges that come with dating a celebrity like him.

He recognized the sacrifices she had made and the strength she had shown in standing by his side. The audience couldn’t help but be moved by his heartfelt words, as they witnessed the vulnerable side of the charismatic entertainer.

Dagy Nyce

To the delight of the partygoers, Dagy sealed his gratitude with a passionate kiss to Ritah, symbolizing their love and unity.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, embracing Ritah as an integral part of Dagy Nyce’s life. It was a beautiful moment of celebration and unity, as the audience joined in the couple’s joy.

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However, this unexpected development has left many curious about Dagy Nyce’s previous marriage to his white wife, Heather. There has been a surge of speculations and inquiries regarding the present state of Dagy and Heather’s relationship as followers and fans alike are curious to know whether they are still together or if their marriage hit a dead end.


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