Daudi Mugema Shares His Will Amid Battle With Cancer, Sets Stringent Guidelines For His Funeral


Renowned musician Daudi Mugema, who is currently battling cancer, has taken the step of sharing his will with the public amidst the pain he is enduring.

During an interview with YouTuber SB4, Daudi Mugema emphasized that all the women who have his children to bring them forward, stating that they should not wait until his funeral to do so.

He expressed his wish for fellow artists to sing during his funeral service, urging them not to shed tears.

Additionally, he specified that individuals known for making humorous speeches at funerals should not be given the opportunity to speak at his funeral.

Daudi also made it clear that those who did not support him during his illness should not be allowed to speak at his funeral.

Daudi Mugema

Reflecting on past experiences, he mentioned attending the late Mulwana’s funeral and expressed his desire to avoid any falsehoods or drama during his own funeral service.

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Daudi Mugema’s decision to share his will with the public is a brave and selfless act, allowing his loved ones to understand his wishes and ensuring that his final moments are carried out according to his desires.


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