Don Mc Kapata Recounts Spending a Month in Luzira Prison After a Misunderstanding With Baby Mama


Rapper Don Mc Kapata real name Rugambwa Rutaisire Donald has recounted his experience of spending a month in Luzira Prison due to a misunderstanding with his baby mama.

Don Mc Kapata revealed that he has faced numerous challenges throughout his career, one of which was being incarcerated.

He emphasized that he preferred to keep this incident under wraps, as it could have had a detrimental impact on his professional life.

During his court hearings, Don Mc Kapata cleverly timed them to coincide with the high-profile case of Ivan Kalyesubula, who had stabbed Club Guvnor Patron Johnnie Ahimbisibwe. This strategic move allowed him to blend in with the crowd, as people assumed he was there to witness Ivan’s trial.

To maintain his anonymity, Don Mc requested that the prison guard refrain from being near him during the court proceedings. Additionally, not being handcuffed helped to avoid suspicion of his imprisonment.

Don Mc

Unfortunately, Don Mc’s frustration with the judge’s lack of knowledge about his work led him to disrespectfully address the judge, ultimately worsening his case.

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Due to the challenges he faced, the rapper made the decision to leave the country moments after leaving prison.

@mrhenrie My Baby Maama Ruined My Life. She took Me to Prison. I couldn’t stay in Uganda After that. #thedeeptalkwithmrhenrie ♬ original sound – MrHenrie


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