Dr. Propa Criticizes Uganda's Media For Its Inadequate Efforts in Promoting Local Talents


Veteran singer Dr. Propa strongly criticizes the Ugandan media, holding them responsible for hindering the success of musicians.

Dr. Propa firmly believes that the local talents in Uganda have not achieved their desired level of success due to the media’s inadequate efforts in promoting them.

Propa argues that the media’s focus on sensationalism and scandalous stories has overshadowed the talent and hard work of Ugandan musicians.

He believes that this constant negative attention has discouraged international audiences from taking them seriously and has limited their opportunities for success on a global scale.

He passionately appeals to the media to elevate their standards and refrain from engaging in cheap, localized tactics.

dr propa

He calls for a shift in the media’s approach, urging them to highlight the positive aspects of Ugandan music and showcase the unique cultural elements that make it special.

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By doing so, he believes that the media can play a crucial role in promoting Ugandan musicians and helping them gain recognition beyond their borders.

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