Eddy Kenzo Claims Failure to Share Proceeds From Yanimba Song Triggered Split With Mikie Wine


Renowned singer and Big Talent boss Edrisa Musuuza better known as Edy Kenzo disclosed that the reason behind his parting ways with Mikie Wine was their inability to share the earnings generated from their hit song “Yanimba.”

Kenzo explained that he collaborated with Mikie Wine, Bobi Wine’s brother, on a song dubbed “Yanimba,” which became his breakthrough hit.

Initially, Kenzo says he had planned to work with Fantom Lovins, but Mikie Wine convinced him otherwise by revealing his relation to Bobi Wine, which Kenzo saw as an opportunity for fame.

Kenzo then suggested bringing Tonny Hauls and Paddy Man on board for the production of their track, resulting in a masterpiece.

The song was initially produced at Firebase studio and later enhanced at Paddy Man’s Dream studio for better sound quality.

Eddy Kenzo,

However, due to financial disagreements with Mikie Wine, Kenzo decided to pursue a solo career.

Bobi Wine extended an invitation to both of them in Magere with the primary objective of reconciling them.

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Regardless, despite his sincere efforts, his endeavours proved futile as he had already firmly decided to pursue his path independently.

Kenzo asserts that despite their disagreement, they eventually reached a mutual understanding, and they presently maintain an amicable relationship.

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