Eddy Profit Accuses Littlejoe Mpologoma of Taking His Money And Declining to Play His Music – Exclusive Bizz


Upcoming singer Eddy Profit born Muhwezi Eddie, has expressed his disappointment and frustration towards Little Joe, a presenter at Galaxy FM.

Eddy Profit accuses Little Joe of taking his money and failing to fulfil their agreed-upon working arrangement.

According to Eddy Profit, he approached Little Joe to request airplay for his song featuring Ziza Bafana, before the latter requested financial facilitation from the former, which he provided.

Unfortunately, despite giving Little Joe Ugx 50K, Eddy did not receive the services he had paid for.

Eddy recounts that Little Joe called him and insulted him with offensive language, and he believes that instead of resorting to insults, the latter should have contacted him in a more respectful manner to discuss any concerns regarding the payment.

Eddy Profit, Little Joe

Eddy Profit suggests that Little Joe would have provided the services worth his money, such as playing the song once or introducing it to the listeners, it would have been more acceptable. However, he failed to meet any of these expectations.

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Eddy Profit emphasizes that his issue lies with Little Joe as an individual and not with the radio station itself. He believes that some of the presenters at the station lack proper manners and professionalism.

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