Eezzy Exposes Kampala Media’s Bias Against Regional Musicians


Eezzy Exposes Kampala Media’s Bias Against Regional Musicians. Brags About His Superiority in His Region

Northern Uganda-based singer Eric Opoka alias Eezzy, confidently asserted that no musician based in Kampala can surpass him in terms of performance in Northern Uganda.

Eezzy made this statement in response to a critic who claimed that he had failed in Kampala and was now competing with village musicians before expressing his pride and joy in singing for his fellow Northerners.

According to Eezzy, no one can outshine him and his fellow artists in the Northern region. He mentioned artists such as Monopoly, Judas, Eddy Wizzy, Lucky Dee, Maros, Bosmic, and Laxzy, emphasizing that they excel in hit songs and filling concerts.

He emphasized that even before his music reached Kampala, he was already a star in Northern Uganda, which he believes is even bigger than Kampala.

The singer highlighted the power and strength of regional artists and requested respect for their names.


Furthermore, Eezzy pointed out that Kampala media denies regional music airplay, while in the regions, their music is embraced wholeheartedly.

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He stated that this is the reason why regional music struggles to break into the Kampala market, despite the fact that many regional artists earn more than most Kampala artists.


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