Emmanuel Lwasa Expresses Regret For Ditching Desire Luzinda and Wishes to Have 30 Children


Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa expresses regret for ending his romantic relationship with gospel singer Desire Luzinda and his wish to have 30 children.

During an interview with Spark TV, Emmanuel Lwasa candidly shared that he has made numerous mistakes in his life, but parting ways with Desire Luzinda is the one he regrets the most.

Lwasa acknowledged that when he was still dating Desire Luzinda, she displayed unwavering loyalty, exceptional culinary skills, and an impressive level of composure.

He holds himself accountable for taking her presence in his life for granted, as he encouraged her to pursue opportunities abroad, where she eventually found love and married a devout Christian.

Emmanuel Lwasa, Desire Luzinda

Furthermore, Lwasa disclosed that he currently has approximately 20 children, with his youngest being just a few months old.

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In addition, he expressed his aspiration to expand his family even further, with a goal of having a total of 30 children.

Presently, I have 20 children, and my aspiration is to expand my family to 30. One regret I hold in my life is separating from Desire Luzinda. She was faithful, a good cook, and remarkably composed–Lwasa, Business man#21Questions pic.twitter.com/T1EdwpVpOt

— SPARK TV (@sparktvuganda) January 24, 2024


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