Exodus Opens Up About Struggles, Contemplation of Life’s End | UBC Horizon Vibe


Exodus Reflects On Considering Ending His Life Following a Mental Breakdown

Renowned gospel singer Exodus opened up about his struggles during an interview with UBC Horizon Vibe.

Tears streamed down his face as he recounted the difficulties he faced in recent years. He mentioned the overwhelming responsibilities he had, such as caring for over 75 children who were not his own, in addition to his own kids.

After enduring a series of challenges, he eventually experienced a mental breakdown two months later.

This led him to make the difficult decision to step away from the spotlight and the activities he was passionate about.

Despite reaching out to church leaders for support, he was met with criticism for his actions without them understanding the depth of his struggles.


Exodus vividly remembered a moment in 2028 when he drove his car after a night of heavy drinking at Guvnor, contemplating ending his life in a car accident.

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However, he ended up crashing into someone’s Range Rover, causing significant damage and finding himself in handcuffs shortly after.


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