Fashion Stylist Tazibone Solomon Deems Fragrance Below Ugx 100K An Insect Repellant

Fashion stylist Tazibone Solomon’s recent statement on the significance of fragrance has sparked a debate on social media platforms.

During his appearance on the television program BBS Omutindo, Tazibone Solomon emphasized the importance of not only looking good but also smelling good.

He mentioned that wearing a fragrance not only enhances personal freshness but also contributes to the comfort of those around us.

Nevertheless, Tazibone expressed his belief that fragrances priced below Ugx 100K are not worth purchasing as they may not provide the desired pleasant scent. He went as far as comparing such fragrances to insect repellent, discouraging their use.

Tazibone Solomon

His remarks have stirred controversy online, with some individuals criticizing his stance and arguing that people should be able to buy fragrances within their budget.

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The discussion has also raised questions about the accessibility of quality fragrances and whether price should be a determining factor in their purchase.


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