Felista Di Superstar's Maiden Concert Cancelled After Samuel Yiga Joel Made Off With Money Ugx 50M


In December of last year, Felista Di Superstar announced the upcoming Felista Fest concert scheduled for April 1, 2024.

Preparations for the concert were in full swing, with various sponsors already on board to ensure its success.

Unfortunately, one of the organizers identified as Iga Joel absconded with an amount exceeding Ugx 50M meant to host to concert.

Expressing deep disappointment, Felista emphasized the challenges within the Ugandan music industry.

She mentioned that the person she trusted turned out to be the cause of the concert’s downfall.

Felista Di Superstar

Felista has made a commitment to expose the individual responsible for this deceitful behaviour to prevent others from being deceived.

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Despite this setback, Felista Di Superstar remains resolute in her determination to pursue her music career without wavering.


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