Fik Fameica Gifts Rango Tenge Tenge an iPhone 14 For His Outstanding Role in His Recent Concert


Renowned rapper Fik Fameica has shown his appreciation to TikTok sensation Rango Tenge Tenge by gifting him an iPhone 14 for his outstanding contribution to his recently concluded concert.

Fik Fameica acknowledged Rango Tenge Tenge’s viral advertisement for his concert, which greatly contributed to its success.

Tenge Tenge also made a memorable appearance at the concert, sharing the stage with other musicians hence adding an extra level of excitement for the attendees.

This morning, Fik Fameica presented the young talent with a brand-new iPhone as a token of his gratitude.

Rango, Tenge Tenge

He explained that he decided to gift Tenge Tenge the phone after learning of his need for one, as it would aid in his growth as a content creator.

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Tenge Tenge has been showered with numerous gifts ever since his rise to fame, and Fik Fameica’s reward is just another addition to the list.


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