Fik Gaza’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Theft and Threatening Violence

Gaza Empire singer Fik Gaza real name Shafiq Dangote has found himself in a troubling situation as his girlfriend has accused him of theft and threatening violence.

The girlfriend, Sultan, claims that they have been in a relationship for almost eight months now. According to her, they met through a mutual friend at a party and instantly hit it off. As their relationship progressed, Fik Gaza started staying at Sultan’s house, and she supported his music career financially while also acting as his manager.

However, Sultan alleges that things took a turn for the worse when Fik Gaza began bringing numerous people to her place and mistreating her. As a result, she decided to move to Luwafu, leaving him behind in Buziga. Sadly, Sultan also experienced the heartbreak of a miscarriage after getting pregnant at three months.

Adding to her grievances, Sultan claims that Fik Gaza started asking her for money to pay rent, which she was not prepared to provide.

Consequently, he blocked her on all platforms and unexpectedly relocated without her knowledge, taking her belongings, including clothes worth approximately Ugx 50M.

fik gaza

Sultan’s main desire now is to retrieve her stolen property so that she can start afresh. She has reported the theft and threatening violence case to the Katwe Police Station, providing them with all the necessary details.

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In light of these events, Sultan has made it clear that she is no longer interested in continuing her relationship with the singer, as her sole focus is on recovering her belongings and beginning a new chapter in her life.


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