Frank Gashumba Reveals Bobi Wine as Uganda’s Sole Celebrity, Urges Musicians to Avoid Comparison – Exclusive Bizz


Frank Gashumba, a well-known social activist, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, has recently disclosed that there is only one celebrity in Uganda, and that is none other than singer and politician, Bobi Wine.

Gashumba firmly believes that many individuals in Uganda who claim to be celebrities are merely pretending and lack the necessary qualities to be considered as such. Instead, he views them as media personalities.

He emphasizes that Bobi Wine is the only person who has truly achieved celebrity status, as evidenced by his extravagant lifestyle and frequent interactions with global stars like Beyonce and often seen travelling on planes.

Gashumba went on to urge other musicians to refrain from comparing themselves to Bobi Wine, as he has reached a level that sets him apart from the rest.

He asserts that local musicians often purchase clothes from inexpensive boutiques, rely on Boda Boda (motorcycle taxis) for transportation, and perform at local events without receiving payment.

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Furthermore, Gashumba challenges any self-proclaimed celebrity who claims to own a brand new car, asserting that they are likely driving pre-owned vehicles and falsely boasting about their supposed newness.


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