‘Go Shary’ Remains Danz Eko’s Most Streamed Song On ‘Ssi Kirooto’ Album: YouTube


This announcement was made by Marval Beatz, the managing director for East Africa at YouTube, who revealed that the song has garnered nearly 100,000 views on the platform.

Danz Eko’s album, consisting of 8 tracks, was released on February 17 and has broken several streaming records since its launch.

The data was released by YouTube as a tribute to Danz Eko, Livon Lioness, and Co-sign Yenze for their outstanding performances at the “MADARAKA” Festival in Seattle, America, in August 2023.

YouTube partnered with the festival to mark its 5th anniversary and celebrate the talented artists. Danz Eko’s fan base spans across various African countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia, showcasing the artist’s popularity among the youth.

Danz Eko

Similarly, Livon Lioness, known as the queen of Afrobeats, has a strong pan-African following, with most of her YouTube views coming from Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Rwanda.

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On the other hand, Co-Sign Yenze’s YouTube audience is primarily located in East Africa, with Kenya being the top country streaming his music, followed by Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi.


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