Gravity Omutujju Accuses Bobi Wine of Trying to Take Over His Facebook Page


Gravity Omutujju claims that Bobi Wine and his team hacked into his Facebook account.

According to Gravity, Bobi Wine initially took down his song “Doboozi Lyamutuuze” from his YouTube channel, which discusses Bobi Wine’s incompetence.

Gravity further explains that he woke up to find uncoordinated posts on his social media account, with the intention of portraying him as attacking Bobi Wine because he supports the ruling government.

“Kati Tuleeta Muhoozi Nabanja ye Vice President, Federation etwale NUP head quarters abayimbi tunyumirwe nga bwenvuga Range Rover yange paka kuwulira bubi” (translated as “So we bring in Muhoozi, Nabanja as Vice President, Federation, to take over NUP headquarters, and the musicians will enjoy as I cruise my Range Rover” until feeling bad).

Gravity Omutujju,

In a subsequent video that has been circulating, Gravity revealed that he did not disseminate the message himself, but rather Bobi Wine conspired with his page administrator to share such content.

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Despite the negativity and criticism, Gravity has made it clear that he will not back down or be intimidated.


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